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 Norway Rat is the largest of the commensal rodents. The head and body are 8 to 10 inches long and the tail is an additional 6 to 8 inches.  Norway rat droppings are  3/4 inch long They are usually fat in size and brown with some black hairs, Can Spread over 35 diseases to human

They mature as adults in just two to five months. Females can produce three to five  litters per year, each averaging seven to eight young. Adults live form six to twelve months they have very poor sight  and use there whiskers to feel along walls, They also  have a great senses taste smell touch and hearing

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Roof rat are usually thinner in size and are the most common in the northwest, it has a slight body which weighs five to nine ounces, Rats will eat just about anything,They can also do Extensive damage to insulation piping and even destroy wood  All are nocturnal and are mostly active at night.







This eradication requires a two week process for effective results  The initial service will consist of inspecting, finding and sealing all the entry points photos will be taken and setting up the traps. The first week follow up will be removing any dead rodents that is trap inside and resetting the traps. The second week follow up is checking the traps and making sure there is no longer activity.


  • Insured all Exclusions
  • Exterior Baiting Program that last for months
  • On time arrival windows                                                           Video coming soon!!!
  • Certified Experience technicians
  • 100% money back satisfaction guarantee
 5gold_stars  Customer Review 
I called Plateau Pest with a serious issue, I had rodents in my crawlspace.  The scratching noise was driving me nuts! He explained the issue and gave me a quote for services.  I was impressed at the fast response, affordable pricing, and the fact that the technician took the time to explain the whole process to me. Thanks for the great service!  I would recommend this company to any of my family or friends!  Jon V

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