Carpenter Ants Treatment


Carpenter ants are the most common in washington state and one of natures most aggressive wood destroyers, unlike termites they do not consume the wood but bore into wood to establish and/or enlarge their nest they forage alone or along trails 300 or more feet from the nest. ”trunk trails” between parent and satellite nest are clear of vegetation and debris, typically cutting across lawns.
Carpenter ants enter buildings around door and window frames, through eaves, along plumbing and utility lines, and over branches touching the structure. Peak foraging occurs at night.

Carpenter Ants Treatment

Inspection consist of looking for pile of wood frass, trailing ants and in some cases we listen for rustling noise inside walls this is a sign of a major infestation. Treatment requires drill and treating inside wall void (when necessary). Apply an exterior perimeter treatment around the building, Baits can be used in small quantities and applied close to the source of the nest or where the worker ants can pick them up.


  • Powerful residual that last for months
  • No harsh chemicals Smell left in room
  • On time arrival windows                                     Video coming soon!!!
  • Certified Experience technicians
  • 100% money back satisfaction guarantee
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