Wasp removal treatment

Yellow jackets build their flat paper nests in stacks which are surrounded by a paper envelope. Yellow jackets usually build their nest below ground and in other protected locations. Sometime inside wall voids,Bald face hornets prefer to build their nest in trees and on the sides of buildings. Social wasp only use their nests for only one season. wasp removal treatment


Locate all nests and remove any visible ones. Once the nest has been removed, the nest attachment area will be treated so returning workers searching for the nest will get in contact with the residual pesticide and die, preventing future activity we will spray underneath all accessible eaves.
Some treatment may Involve treating inside wall voids

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  • Powerful residual that last for months
  • No harsh chemicals Smell left in room
  • On time arrival windows
  • Certified Experience technicians
  • 100% money back satisfaction guarantee

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