Bed Bugs

bed bugs
Bed bugs are extremely difficult to manage. Some of the reasons for this are that they have a high reproductive potential, they seek out harborage in unusual places beyond the bed, such as behind picture frames, headboard of the bed, baseboards, switch plates,etc bed bugs can also spread chagas disease and hepatitis B


Clutter removal is one of the most effective actions in bed bug control.Treatment requires removal of clothes in drawers, closets  and bag them up for washing, Placing clothing in the dryer at high heat is going to eliminate them. We will treat the baseboards, bed frames, headboard, cabinets, drawers, bedding seams and box springs.  Our Two different type of treatments will Flush out any hiding bed bugs and a layer of treatment along the treated areas is very effective so when they walk right over it then it will spread to other insects behind walls and other bed bugs.

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  • Powerful residual that last for months 
  • No harsh chemicals Smell left in room
  • On time arrival windows                                                              Video Coming soon!!!
  • Certified Experience technicians
  • 100% money back satisfaction guarantee
We are committed to the highest quality of service and treat every home like its our own  if any service does not meet your expectations let us know and we’ll do whatever it takes to make it right.

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