Ants Type

pest control for ants

Odorous House ants (sugar ants) Are the most common seen in homes they are small in size and have a distinct smell when crushed, They prefer sweet things but will eat just about any household foods, some activity occurs on rainy days when the honeydew is washed of the plants they feed out of, This sometime will lead them to find other food source inside homes.

Pavement ants  are usually underneath slabs and the foundation of buildings they will push up piles of sand and dirt to find there way inside of buildings they feed on other insects, seeds, meats and sweets.


Moisture ants  are mainly in areas where there are excessive moisture or water damage inside walls they are likely to stay and infest the area as long as there’s moisture, Also they digest cellulose (they eat wood) and cause structural damage. With the right treatment and eliminating the moisture will mostly keep them away.


Ants Treatment 

Inspection with these type of ants consist of looking for trails leading back to the nest, piles of sand, and signs of them being inside the wall voids, they will infest inside the wall if there is water damage and are most likely going to stay until the moisture have been eliminated.  Interior liquid spot treatment and adding bait in areas of activity, Drill and treat inside wall voids (when necessary)  Exterior treatment applications around house foundation, garage, shed, cracks, crevice and any recommendation of sealing up any cracks and gaps of possible entry.

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